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5 Grooming Tips For The Modern Man

Men are often referred to as the sterner sex. Bearing this reference in mind there are some obvious habits that they naturally have and are usually unapologetic about. Good or bad, these habits die hard and the later even less appealing should they stick around for too long. Inevitably there reaches a time in every man’s life when bad habits have to die and he embraces maturity in form of good grooming. Simply put, mens grooming is the art of incorporating good habits that will improve on their physical appearance, intellect and social life. If you are wishing to walk down this lane of mastering good grooming ideals and adding them into your daily routine here are 5 mens grooming tips that every modern man ought to relish.

Choose a barber/salon that understands your hair needs

Out with the old misconception that all men cut their hair, it is revolutionary to note that the modern man can choose to grow or cut his hair. Whatever choice you make, you must back it with regular visits to your hair spot.

Work on the facial and body hairs

The fact that you are a man does not give you permission to walk around like a bear. Create a signature look by trimming your facial hairs, work on your hairline, nape, eyebrows, nasal hair, ears and beard. Although having some body hair shows how masculine you are, you can shave some of it just to improve on your general appearance.

Find a signature scent

Most men are prone to having their aftershave for a signature scent and though it is not a bad idea you can choose to go bold by having a signature scent from your perfumer. In addition to aftershave and perfumes, a good deodorant is quite helpful for the sporty and active kind of man.

Take good care of your skin

Regular bathing and moisturizing are two skin treatments that will help your skin rejuvenate. It is advisable to know your skin type so that you use bathing soaps and lotions that are good for your skin. Do spend some time with your hands and feet and give the two some care routine. Other skin treatments that help are body cleansing and skin exfoliating.

Work on your manners

Mens grooming also involves their manners. It would help if you practice manners that steer you into becoming a gentleman rather than a rogue.

Oh, and don’t forget, for those of you losing your hair, or are already bald, and wish to do something about it, there is always the possibility of a hair transplant, which is always a great idea.


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